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Atlantic salmon angling is intimidating to some, challenging for most, and second-nature to a few. To help the first two groups and entertain (perhaps intrigue) the last, Paul Marriner has distilled more than fifty years of experiences on some 150 publicly-accessible salmon rivers into Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference. For example, Chapter 10 - Patterns, focuses on designs to cope with the range of conditions (e.g., pool type, season, water conditions, time of day) encountered streamside. Although each design is illustrated with a successful pattern, the intent is to simultaneously educate and encourage innovation.


Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference is a 233 page PDF illustrated with more than 300 photos and illustrations. It has an Appendix with useful links, bibliographic references and an index.


Here’s what some reviewers and readers had to say about the print edition:


Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference is a carefully researched, comprehensive treatise on fishing for Atlantic salmon, with reference to rivers in Canada, the northeastern USA, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Russia’s Kola Peninsula...There have been other compendious Canadian books on fly fishing for Atlantic salmon, but Paul's Atlantic Salmon makes a substantial claim to be the definitive work of the current century. It's a must buy for Atlantic salmon fly fishers, whether they pursue the silver here in Canada, the USA or across the pond.


This book covers all aspects of our sport, from selecting tackle, flies, presentation, types of water, pools, etc. It is clear that Paul has researched these areas extensively and speaks from a lot of experience... It is more than a textbook or cookbook, though. There are numerous anecdotes and vignettes to give a real life taste to what he has to say. The pictures and the quality of the pictures is outstanding.





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