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Part I - Getting Ready

Tackle and Special Casts

Getting Afloat



Part II - Finding Fish



The Wind and Other Currents

Stillwater Food-forms


Part III - Tactics and Flies

Visual Tactics

Chironomid Tactics

Searching Tactics

Night Fishing


Reeling Up


Diet Studies


Annotated Bibliography and References


Fly Fishing in Lakes and Ponds is an updated and revised edition of Stillwater Fly Fishing: Tools & Tactics  in a variety of eBook formats. It features fly fishing equipment, techniques and fly patterns to catch a variety of fish species in lakes and ponds. Richly illustrated with more than 180 photos and illustrations. Includes links to a variety of useful sites as well as scientific studies of trout diets and a bibliography of selected references. More than 55 effective fly patterns are described or linked to, 43 with large images.










From the original print edition with minor changes:


John Randolph, former editor and publisher of Fly Fisherman magazine, wrote: “Fishing stillwaters provides us with fly fishing’s toughest challenges .... Paul Marriner explains how to solve these mysteries and explains modern and traditional techniques to catch the largest fish of your life.”


Bring a neophyte flyfisher to a river and ask him where to find fish. While likely overlooking some hotspots, he will generally point out others. Ask the same question about a lake or pond and you can usually expect a blank stare. The visual clues are there, just camouflaged. Fly Fishing in Lakes and Ponds exposes these clues as essential ingredients in the recipe for all successful angling: find feeding fish and feed them.


Martin Jorgensen, co-publisher of the Global Fly Fisher, wrote: “... the book keeps every promise that I found – expressed or hidden – in that intro. It’s an excellent book ... It’s the best and most thorough book I have read on the subject.”


The heart of Fly Fishing in Lakes and Ponds is divided into three parts: Getting Ready, Finding Fish, Tactics and Flies (the latter occupying more than half the book). Front matter and three additional sections: Diet Studies, Sources, and Annotated Bibliography and References make up the remainder of the content. Getting Ready covers tackle recommendations, various watercraft suitable for fly-fishing including tips for equipping, and standard and innovative retrieves. Finding Fish explains the three major sets of clues for finding fish—structure, wind, and foodforms—and a potpourri of others such as birds. Tactics and Flies describes approaches and patterns used on the stillwaters of three continents to solve scores of presentation problems. No matter if the fish are visible or out of sight, shallow or deep, cruising or in ambush, feeding on chironomids or baitfish, here are ways and the flies to catch them.

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