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Here's what Jack Berryman, writing in Salmon-Trout-Steelheader, had to say about the print publication:


"... patterns designed specifically for Canadian waters. Each fly is presented with a color photograph and recipe, along with the originator and/or tier's name. Flies are arranged in eight specific chapters that focus on: Atlantic salmon wet flies; Atlantic salmon dry flies; steelhead wet flies; steelhead dry flies; other anadromous species; saltwater flies; trout flies; and, other freshwater species. For flies that require special tying techniques, additional instructions are provided in a long appendix. The authors present the work of over three hundred tiers, provide an extensive bibliography of sources, and an index. A highlight is the collection of photographs of Canadian fly tiers from Noel Money, Tommy Brayshaw, and Roderick Haig-Brown to Jack Shaw, Paul Bean, and Maurice How. The chapter on trout flies is particularly extensive, with subsections devoted to chironomids, caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, baitfish, other food forms, and attractor patterns. Overall, this is a magnificent collection."


Unlike many fly-pattern collections, most non-symmetrical patterns are shown with two or more views. Interactive features include links in the patterns to additional instructions and/or variations, links to bibliographical references and, in the case of the interactive PDF, a live Index.

Some comments from well-known Canadian flyfishers, fly tiers and writers about the print title.


Fly tiers know that there are always things to be learned from other tiers. This book helps by providing photographs and recipes for more than 1,600 flies created specifically for Canadian waters. Long-serving standards like the Carey Special, more recent patterns like the Bow River Bugger, and ultra-snazzy flies like Phil Milburn’s Salmonfly Adult. This book shows what Canadian tiers have been up to for the last hundred years or so.---Jim McLennan


The editors did an incredible job of assembling over 1,600 fly patterns for almost every fish species sought in freshwater or saltwater from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts. Patterns are presented in full colour with accompanying recipes, and those using specialized techniques are covered in detail within a special appendix. The diversity of patterns will provide innovative tiers unlimited ideas for improving their own creations. This is a must-have book.---Brian Chan


Voici le premier répertoire de mouches créées uniquement par des monteurs canadiens. Ce recueil comporte des parures pour toutes les espèces de poissons d ordres sportifs présents dans les eaux canadiennes. Bravo pour Jones et Marriner. Leur travail est gigantesque. Ils ont reçus des milliers d artificielles de tous les coins du Canada. Toutes ces créations font maintenant partie du patrimoine canadien.---Claude Bernard


Looking through this book, I realized that here are patterns Canadians created to catch the sea trout of Waterford River, Newfoundland, the coho of Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, and everything in between. Featuring 1,600+ patterns from 300+ tiers, this national effort is unique in the literature of fly fishing and deserves a place in every fly fisher's home.---Jim Gourlay


Many patterns covered are unique and designed for Canadian waters, but tested and found effective throughout the world. These recipes should be part of the library of every fly tier no matter where they live.---Bob Sheedy




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